Feds remove Illinois man from no-fly list after he files suit claiming stranded in Middle East

A former Islamic charity director from suburban Chicago has been removed from the FBI's no-fly list after he complained that he was stranded in the Middle East.

A federal judge in Chicago gave Enaam Arnaout permission to visit family in the Middle East, but when the 50-year-old of Bridgeview tried to return to the U.S. he found he was not allowed, so he filed a federal lawsuit.

The Chicago Tribune reports Tuesday ( ) that Arnaout's attorney says the U.S. Treasury Department has delisted Arnaout.

The U.S. Treasury Department classified Arnaout as a "specially designated terrorist" in 1995 while he was imprisoned in Israel charged with supporting Hamas. Arnaout returned to the US and in 2003 was imprisoned for defrauding donors to his charity, Benevolence International. He was released in 2010.