Tennessee man arrested twice in 1 day for shoplifting BBQ meats, beer, cops say

A Clarksville man was arrested after police say he was caught shoplifting twice on the same day.

According to Clarksville Police, a Kroger employee reported seeing David Felts walk out of the store on Tuesday morning pushing a shopping cart full of beer and pork ribs.

Officers found Felts a short time later, pushing the cart down the street. Felts was given a misdemeanor citation and released.

Not long afterward, an officer saw Felts leaving a Publix store holding the front of his shirt as though he were concealing something. This time, police discovered four rib eye steaks -- two under his shirt and two in his pants.

Felts was jailed for theft. He was released on $500 bond.

Felts is not listed in the telephone directory.