Blind Maine man mugged, hopes he can ID the suspects

A blind Maine man who uses a wheelchair says he fears a pair of men who robbed him won't face prosecution because he won't be able to identify them.

The 31-year-old victim says he was outside a Lewiston gas station Tuesday night waiting for his brother when the men approached and asked for a cigarette.


He told the Sun Journal that "being a nice guy," he gave them one. The suspects said he was too close to the gas pumps, so he moved to the side of the store.

They shoved him and grabbed a bag he was holding containing pain medication, a cellphone, a health insurance card and about $200 in cash.

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"I guess I was an easy target," he said, according to the paper.

The man reportedly has a form of arthritis that left him blind and in a wheelchair, the paper reported. He told the paper that he would be able to identify the robbers if he heard their voices.

One man has been arrested, but police are still investigating. The victim's possessions have not been recovered.

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