Missouri man arrested for allegedly stealing bath salt

Missouri police arrested a man they say stole bath salts from a bait and tackle shop early Monday morning after a seven-hour manhunt that left residents on edge, reported.

"I was kind of freaked especially since it was just me and my mom at home," Makayla Sasse said. "First thing she was like, let's get the guns."

Police did not release the name of the man but listed his age at 35. When police apprehended the suspect, the man told the station that it’s the economy that makes "a good man do bad things." The reporter asked if he uses the drug, and the suspect said, "no comment."

Bath salts have been stolen from the store before and police recovered the evidence and determined the salts were illegal drugs.  The store owner was charged and is scheduled to go on trial this fall.  The latest stolen bath salts will also be checked and the store owner could be in even more trouble.

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