Drunk, pregnant mother arrested in Houston after leaving baby in car to get piercing

A drunk, pregnant woman was arrested in Houston after she left her 1-year-old child in her car while she tried to get a piercing.

The unnamed woman, who is seven months pregnant, drove to a tattoo parlor in the north of the city and asked the artist how long it would take because her baby was waiting in the car, KTRK reported.

Staff called police and kicked her out of the parlor and an employee followed her out, where she passed out with the front door of her car wide open.

The employee told the TV station, "I knew she was stumbling. I knew she was on something. I don't assume nothing and that's why I turned her down."

Cops found beer bottles inside a diaper bag. The child was unhurt.

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The woman faces multiple charges including child endangerment and felony DUI.