INGLEWOOD, Calif. -- Family and friends staged a candlelight vigil late Friday for a California dad who died after he used his body to shield his son from gunfire.

Fredrick Martin, 28, pushed his son to the ground after a gunman opened fire on him and his son in Inglewood, Calif., on Tuesday evening, KTLA reported.

He was hit several times in the stomach and chest and later died in a hospital.

His son Tre, eight, suffered a minor bullet graze wound to the leg and was the only witness to the murder.

Around two dozen family and friends staged the vigil near his home in West 109th Street on Friday night.

Lt. James Madia, of Inglewood Police, said Martin was considered an "upstanding guy, an employed college graduate."

He told the TV station, "We have no idea why this shooting would have happened. We have been presented no evidence that would suggest that this was gang-related."

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