Texas man shot wife, dogs after animal defecated indoors

A Texas man who allegedly killed his wife told police he "had enough" after one of their dogs defecated indoors.

Michael Stolz, 76, told police he became enraged with his Shepherd mix for defecating in the house and then shot the animal twice in the head, according to an arrest warrant obtained by

Stolz's wife, Bernice, 49, then began screaming and ran into the kitchen as Stolz shot the couple's other dog, a Rottweiler, at least twice. Stolz told police he then began shooting at his wife, according to the document.

Police discovered the gruesome scene on Tuesday after Berniec Stolz's wife asked someone to check on her after she missed two days at work. A SWAT later dispatched to Stolz's house tried to negotiate for his exit since they were unsure if he was still armed. After using a robot equipped with a camera to determine he was no longer armed, police arrested him.

Stolz remains held on $250,000 bond, reports.

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