Golfer may lose leg after being stabbed with a putter on golf course

Golfer stabbed on course in Texas


A Texas man says he may lose his leg after he was stabbed with a putter by another golfer on a golf course earlier this year, MyFoxDFW reports.

Clay Carpenter, 48, speaking out about the incident for the first time Monday, said he was playing golf with friends when the course marshal told them to play through a slower group ahead of them.

“One of the gentlemen waved us up, so we hit up. All three of us hit up,” he said.

Carpenter said one of the men in the other group charged at them, waving a putter in his hand.

“He swings at my head with his golf club, with his putter. Well I stick my hand up. It breaks my thumb here,” he said. “Next thing I know my buddy’s saying, 'Clay you’ve been stabbed.' Obviously my shoes were filling up with blood and at that point I passed out.”

The putter had punctured Carpenter's femoral artery.

“I was asking the Lord to save me and to help me because I knew I was going to leave them. And I knew my parents and my sister and all them, you know, things were fixing to change for everyone,” he said.

Although Carpenter survived, there is still a chance his right leg will have to be amputated eventually. 

Authorities have not released the name of the man suspected of attacking Carpenter, and no charges have been filed against him. 

Investigators say they are still trying to determine whether the man stabbed him on purpose or if it was accidental.

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