A Miami seventh-grader's parents are forcing their son to stand on a street corner with a sign describing his failures in school after he got bad grades, WSVN reports.

Michael Bell. Jr. will be spending his spring break on a street corner near his home after he came home with a report card containing three failing grades. His teachers also reported he was a "class clown."

In accordance with this report, the front of Michael's sign reads: "Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?"

The back of the sign says: "I'm in the 7th grade and got 3 F's. Blow your horn if there's something wrong with that."

"I got an F in most of my classes so as a punishment I'm supposed to stay here for the whole spring break," Michael told WSVN as he stood on the corner Saturday.

Both of Michael's parents were present to ensure he was safe, and to give him food and water.

"I don't know any other way, I'm trying to reach him," said Michael Bell Sr. "He doesn't want to be reached and this is my last resort." 

Bell Sr. says he wants to make sure his son realizes the importance of getting good grades so he can have a successful future.

"If I don't do anything, he's going to be a statistic and I don't want him to be a statistic," he said.

Michael Jr. says the punishment is already sinking in.

"I'm sorry that it has to get to this point and that when I get back to school, I'm going to do better," he said.

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