Pennsylvania man charged with DUI after driving through fence onto airport runway, police say

A man is charged with DUI, reckless endangerment and other counts after police say he sped his sport-utility vehicle through a fence and drove up and down the runway at Philadelphia International Airport.

The incident forced the closure of the airport for about 30 minutes Thursday morning, but Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan says there's no connection to terrorism.

Sullivan says 24-year-old Kenneth Richard Mazik drove through a gate at a construction site just off the runway. He says Mazik drove onto the runway, going up one side before crossing over and driving back down a parallel runway.

Mazik was apprehended within five minutes and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. Sullivan says the SUV tested negative for any type of hazardous material.

An airport spokeswoman says the airport was closed out of an "abundance of caution," affecting about 15-20 aircraft.