Bullied New York City students reportedly want out of Brooklyn high school

Two teenagers at a New York high school are reportedly being bullied so badly that they want to transfer out, but the students claim education officials won't allow it.

Nicolle Druzhenko, 15, and Viktoria Gvozdik, 14, requested to leave Brooklyn's John Dewey High School but said they were denied by a city Education Department official who told them there wasn’t enough evidence of physical abuse -- just cyberbullying, the New York Daily News reports.

The students were told school officials would resolve the problem, which started in December. Both girls were tormented by at least three other students who have pushed them in hallways and stairs, waited for them after school to chase them home and cursed at them, the newspaper reports.

The bullies, who were suspended for a week in January but resumed the behavior once back at school, have also posted on the girls' Facebook page, including threats of "termination on sight" and promises of violence.

New York City Education Department officials said they were reviewing the matter.

"We take allegations of bullying very seriously," DOE spokesman Frank Thomas told "There is an ongoing investigation into this situation."

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