Minnesota Good Samaritan Finds and Returns Lost Wedding Ring

It's a fear every wife has- losing her wedding ring. It's no surprise how important a wedding ring is and that's why one recently wed Minnesota woman says she can't thank the man who returned hers enough after he stumbled upon the family heirloom in the parking lot of their gym, reports MyFox9.

Leah Gosch had tied her wedding ring to her shoe while she was working out at the LA Fitness in Blaine, Minnesota over the weekend because it had just been polished. After leaving, she realized her shoelaces were untied and her most-prized possession was gone.

"It's my husband's mom's dad's ring, so the diamond is important," Leah Gosch explained.

Her ring finger would still be lacking sparkle if it wasn't for Rian Vierzba.

After finding the ring in gym's parking lot, he saw a sign at the gym offering a reward for the return of the item. Vierzba then returned the ring to its rightful owner without receiving anything in return.

Gosch said, "Absolutely elated -- I can't describe what it felt like to get it back," 

She and her husband, Mattias, had almost given up hope as nearly a week passed without any sign of the ring -- until they were finally contacted by Vierzba.

"I just felt like it was the right thing to do -- to find who owned it rather than just give it to a pawnshop," Vierzba said.

Vierzba, who himself has been married for three and a half years, said that he only did what he would wish someone else to do if they found his wedding ring.

With luck on her side and wedding ring back in her hands, Gosch says she plans to think twice about tying knots with it from now on.

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