New York Teen Gets Two New Wheelchairs

Several people have reached out to MyFoxNY with offers to help Jabriel Graham and now he has not one, but two wheelchairs. 

The 16-year-old Brooklyn resident was frustrated with a manual wheelchair he got from a company called Hudson Seating and Mobility.

Jabriel suffers from cerebral palsy and the chair he was using was too small and was not electric, which he needed. He was using a manual chair while he waited for the company to fix his old chair.

Graham's mother said the company wasn't returning her calls for answers.

After the story aired, a family on Long Island stepped up and donated a power chair to Jabriel. The family wanted to remain anonymous, but were put into contact with Jabriel's family so they could say thank you.

Jabriel's mother said Friday that she is truly grateful for the kind hearted gesture.

Meantime, Hudson Seating and Mobility also immediately sent a motorized chair for Jabriel to use at school.

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