Reporter Attacked by Son of Suspect in Animal Cruelty Case During Live Report


A Fox 29 reporter and video journalist were sent to the home of a man charged in a strange case of animal cruelty when the son of the suspect attacked them on live TV. 

Reporter Chris O'Connell was doing a live report on the case that was triggered by a police raid after the man was naked outside of a house Tuesday night, reported 

The suspect's son first approached video journalist Dave Edwards and asked him to move off of his property, and then lunged at O'Connell. 

When O'Connell appeared back on the air the attacker was in police custody off camera. 

Investigators found as many as a half dozen dead dogs inside the home as well as live dogs, what appeared to be mummified reptiles, a live 4-ft. alligator and roosters. 

One neighbor said the smell from the home was so terrible he had to take down the pool in his yard. 

Both O'Connell and Edwards were okay after the incident. 

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