The jurors who found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter range from an animal lover who had never heard of the case before the trial to a father who came to the trial thinking Anthony was guilty but pledged to make an unbiased decision on the verdict.

The jury in the Orlando, Fla., case was made up of five men and seven woman, all brought in from the Tampa Bay area. Little is known about the 12 jurors except what was revealed about them during a two-week jury selection process.

Five alternate jurors also were chosen by Judge Belvin Perry in case of an emergency, but they ultimately were not involved in the verdicts.

Alternate juror #14, Russell Huekler, agrees with the jury’s verdict.

“We don’t know how she (Caylee) died,” the alternate juror told Fox News. “It just comes down to probably an accident that the family didn’t know how to cope with…the prosecution failed to show motive.”

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Following the reading of the verdict, jurors asked for privacy and told court officials that they would not speak with the media at this time.

The jurors ranged in age and occupation -- from a supermarket cook to a Verizon service representative. Juror 11, a high school physical education teacher, was chosen by the jury to serve as its foreman.

During jury selection, potential jurors were questioned at length about their knowledge of the case and their thoughts on the death penalty. One juror described herself as an old-fashioned lady. Other said he didn't have children of his own, but his nieces and nephews called him their "favorite uncle."

Jury members were sequestered for the entire trial, which started in mid-May. They reached a verdict after just nine hours of deliberation over two days.

Perry decided not to release the names of the jurors on Tuesday, at least for now.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.