Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency as Deadly Storms Continue

ATLANTA -- State emergency management officials say two deaths have been reported in Catoosa County as a wave of powerful thunderstorms pushed across north Georgia, raising the state's death toll to at least four.

Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency late Wednesday covering Floyd, Dade, Catoosa and Walker counties. Authorities say two people are reported killed in Dade County, and dozens more are injured across north Georgia.

Crystal Paulk-Buchanan, a spokeswoman with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, says rescue crews are working in Ringgold in Catoosa County, where about a dozen buildings had collapsed as a result of the storms.

She says a motel in Ringgold was also damaged, prompting about 125 people to be evacuated. There are also reports of significant damage to a high school and a middle school in the Ringgold area.