A Massachusetts father headed to Egypt for the sixth time on Wednesday to search for his kidnapped sons, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

Colin Bower's ex-wife reportedly kidnapped the children, ages 7 and 9, and fled the country for her native Cairo, where Bower believes the boys are being held against their will.

"There's nothing you can do as a parent to forget your children," Bower told the station. "There is no coping mechanism you can have that allows you not to think about where they are or what they’re doing or what’s being done to them."

Bower had divorced his wife, Mirvat al Nady, and had won sole custody of the children, according to the station. Nady, who was considered a flight risk, reportedly took the children without Bower's permission following the marital split.

Bower has since received the support from U.S. politicians, including Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in his quest to find the children, the station reported. He also has set up a Facebook page, with home videos and pictures, devoted to finding his sons.

An international arrest warrant has reportedly been issued for Nady.

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