Autistic Boy Accused of Terroristic Threats

A 14-year-old autistic boy was suspended and charged with a felony over a picture he drew in school, MyFoxAtlanta reports. The boy's mother said he was in a special needs class when he drew a picture of two stick figures, one of which was holding a gun.

The eighth grader's picture depicted a stick figure with a gun that was labeled "me." The figure was shooting another figure that had his teacher's name above it.

The boy has been suspended and is now facing criminal charges.

"They've pressed felony charges for terroristic threats," said the teen's mother, Karen Finn. "It's that sweeping zero tolerance, and I think it's ridiculous."

Finn said her son, Shane, drew the picture on the page of a school assignment where his teacher would easily see it. She said her son is autistic and has the mental capacity of a third grader, and he doesn't really understand why he's in trouble.

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