Florida Student Threatened With Suspension Over Breast Cancer Bracelet

A $4 bracelet is getting one Florida student into big trouble after, he says, his school objected to the bracelet's anti-cancer messages.

Fourteen-year-old Frankie Rodriguez had been wearing the bracelet around his wrist for the past month. It reads, "I love boobies" and "Keep A Breast."

School officials at Tomlin Middle School say its a huge distraction, but Rodriguez says he wears the bracelet to support family members who have fought breast cancer.

"They just took it as sexual, and it wasn't anything like that at all," he told

Last Friday, school officials took the bracelet away, but later returned it. Then on Monday, he wore the bracelet to school again, and administrators threatened him with suspension when he didn't turn it over.

"The student was disciplined for being disrespectful and inappropriate behavior because he was disrespectful to the teacher and school resource officer. It was not about the bracelet itself," school spokesperson Linda Cobbe told

With the school threatening suspension, Frankie has decided not to wear the bracelet anymore.

"I kind of just don't want to get into trouble anymore," he told

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