Southwest slams passenger's anti-Muslim tweet, but people are calling for company to do more

Southwest Airlines condemned a racist anti-Muslim tweet from a passenger targeting one of its employees, but people are calling for the company to do more.

John Guandolo posted the tweet Saturday night along with a photo of the Southwest employee, though it has since been removed from his account. “I wish this were shocking…a sharia adherent muslim (aka jihadi) at my plane as I head to AZ to speak at the Western Conservative Conference," he wrote, along with a hashtag reading #ShariaKills."


After the tweet caught Southwest’s attention, the airline sent out a series of responses. The airline wrote that they had reported Guandolo’s tweet and hoped it would be removed, and expressed their disgust with the “cruel and inappropriate post.”

“We pride ourselves on our People-focused Culture fostered by the most caring and loving Employees in the world, and the Southwest Family stands strong with our Employee who was the target of this cruel and inappropriate post,” the company tweeted.

“At Southwest, we stand for embracing civility and living by the Golden Rule, and we ask our Customers to do the same,” they added.

But despite their public statement, people want Southwest to take action and ban Guandolo from ever flying with the airline again.

“I implore you to take action against @JohnGuandolo and his inappropriate characterization of your employee, based on his appearance or beliefs. There is no excuse for this type of [blatant] racism from John, or his ilk. #FightRacism,” one person wrote.

“Thank you for your response, but that isn't enough. This employee is literally at risk now.  This customer most likely broke the law.  This should be determined, customer should be reported to authorities, and he definitely should be banned from future flights,” another tweeted.

“Southwest is a great place to work and it shows, because you treat your employees like family. Don’t change that. Ban him. Stand up for your employees no matter the consequences,” someone else added.

“The airline needs to absolutely ban this person from ever flying. What happens if he flies again, finds someone who “worries” him, then someone’s safety is threatened. Where is the line drawn? #BanHimNow,” another person wrote.


Southwest made no comment as to whether or not they plan to ban Guandolo from flying with them, but they did say they are further investigating. “We are disheartened by these comments, and we are looking into the situation,” Southwest spokesperson Chris Mainz told Fox News.

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.