Plane makes emergency landing after snake found slithering in overhead bin

Scary sight on Aeromexico flight (credit: Indalecio Medina)


It was a moment that would make even Samuel L. Jackson shriek in fear.

Passengers on a commercial flight in Mexico were given an unexpected shock when a serpent slithered into the cabin in a scene straight out of the Hollywood thriller "Snakes on a Plane."

Carrier Aeromexico confirmed that a live snake was found on board a flight Sunday afternoon in a statement released to Publimetro. Flight 231, which makes the two-hour trip once a day from Torreon, Coahuila, to Mexico City was forced to make an expedited landing so animal control could come aboard to collect the reptile. 

A brief video posted to Twitter shows a greenish snake emerging from the ceiling behind an overhead luggage compartment and then partially dropping down into the cabin.

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Aeromexico said that the plane was given priority landing in Mexico City, where workers "secured the reptile." No passengers reported any injuries due to the incident but flier Indalecio Medina wrote on Facebook that he and another passenger caught the snake using a blanket and magazines before emergency personnel arrived. 

The airline says it's investigating how the snake got into the airplane and is taking measures to avoid it happening in the future. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.