How Snooki and JWOWW survive Las Vegas

Star Traveler: 'Jersey Shore' stars break down 'Sin City'


Many people dream of a life where they can party, have fun and get paid to do just that and this is exactly what Snooki and JWOWW from "Jersey Shore" get to do. These two women have made partying their lifestyle and have it down to a science.

Snooki, 24, and JWOWW, 26, aka Nicole Polizzi and Jennifer Farley respectively, were plucked from relative obscurity and became household names due to their antics on the wildly popular MTV reality show, "Jersey Shore".  Since then, they have used their fame to cash in, both penning books about the Jersey lifestyle. Beyond that, JWOWW launched her own clothing line, "Filthy Couture" and Snooki has gone on to make guest appearances on other shows like TLC's "Cake Boss" and even appeared at WWE's equivalent of the Super Bowl "Wrestlemania XXVII."

While on "Jersey Shore" the duo have gone to some of the world's greatest hot spots, from Seaside Heights, N.J. to Miami, Florida and even Florence, Italy but when Fox 411 asked Snooki and JWOWW about their favorite destination, the unanimous vote was "Sin City," Las

This city of lights located in the deserts of Nevada is a paradise for those who want to make a date with lady luck, see fantastic shows and just have a good time partying the night away. Polizzi and Farley give the do's and don'ts to Las Vegas "Jersey Shore" style.

JWOWW: I love Vegas.

Snooki: Me too. I was going to say Vegas

JWOWW: Bring lots of Advil or Excedrin, because the hangovers out there are massive.

Snooki: I learned to pace myself now. Bring a lot of outfits because you never know what you’re going to do.

JWOWW: You have to bring from daytime to bathing suits.

Snooki: Even like hot pajamas.

JWOWW: No pajamas, because there’s no sleeping.

Snooki: I sleep.

JWOWW: I don’t sleep.

Snooki: I have to sleep or I’ll crash.

JWOWW: I’ll just sleep naked

Snooki: She would.

JWOWW: I mean less is more in Vegas so.

Snooki: I bring hot pajamas

FOX411: Do you have any favorite locations or venues?

Snooki: I love staying at the Palms.

JWOWW: Rain is my favorite club. And the...What was her name? The housewife that I’m obsessed with?

Snooki: Adrienne.

JWOWW: Adrienne, I’m dying to meet you, because I love your hotel. I also want to take 500 people and rent out Rehab and have a pool party

FOX411: This sounds tiring, how long before you need to get out of Vegas?

JWOWW: I stayed 7 days and I wanted to die. I wished death upon me.

Snooki: I would say four. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday is enough.

JWOWW: It's plenty. And then I’ve learned, if you’re going to stay that long you should do outside of Vegas. Me and Roger did a helicopter tour, four-wheeling in the desert and swimming with the dolphins.

Snooki: And riding the roller coaster!

JWOWW:  It's the only way to survive if you do the normal stuff out there.

FOX411: A possible "Jersey Shore" spinoff in Vegas?

JWOWW: God, yeah! I would love to get married in Vegas!

Snooki: In Vegas? I would love to.

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