For Liam McIntyre, aka Spartacus, the road to relaxation leads to Fiji

Star Traveler: Lounge around with Spartacus


Liam McIntyre is Spartacus, but all roads don't necessarily lead to Rome.

Before his lead role in the television series “Spartacus: Vengeance”, the Australian-born actor had made quite a stir in both the land down under for his rolls in several short films and in popular Aussie television shows like “Rush” and “Neighbours”. His U.S. debut was made in the Emmy award winning HBO miniseries “The Pacific”

However, it was through tragedy that McIntyre, 30, scored the role of a lifetime in the Starz’s series about the Roman gladiator after the previous lead, Andy Whitfield, was forced to withdraw due to a battle with cancer.

For McIntyre, he prefers the tropical oasis of Fiji after a hard day at the coliseum. 

Fox411 sat down with the McIntyre to talk about the beautiful South Pacific island nation.  He says that its the ideal place for any gladiator looking to put down their sword and shield for a romantic getaway.

Liam McIntyre: Fiji is just a happy place. It's tranquil and the people are lovely. You could just swim or lounge about all day. The weather's amazing. The views are amazing. I love Australia but that's not a bad second.

Fox411: What activities do you recommend for travelers?

Liam McIntyre: Oh, I don't know if I'm qualified to say that because we didn't do much. We went on a secluded sand bar island to have a romantic lunch. That was pretty awesome. Especially when the waves got up and destroyed our beach. That was not as romantic but it would have been awesome had it been more calm. We got a helicopter ride around Fiji. That was amazing. And we snorkeled through their incredible coral, which was pretty good. Australia's got pretty good coral though, just saying.

Fox411: Did you head out to the town or stay at your resort?

Liam McIntyre: We did a bit of stuff in the town but we mostly stayed in the resort and the resort that we stayed at was utterly phenomenal.

Fox411: Which resort is that?

Liam McIntyre: Likuliku on Malolo Island. It was really tranquil, friendly and warm.

Fox411: Tell us about the food.

Liam McIntyre: If you stay there you're very lucky because they provide every meal. And in that, you get a taste of everything. They have amazing seafood. My girlfriend and I aren't huge seafood eaters, but there you prefer to have it because it's just so good. They do great pork, for some reason, I don't know why; it's the best pork I've ever had. I didn't imagine that was typically Fijian, but it's amazing.

Fox411: Three things no traveler should be without in Fiji

Liam McIntyre: Besides your passport? A snorkel, which might be awkward, sun block or sunscreen and a sarong, some sort of beachwear, that you can enjoy the sun in. But also cover up and be responsible kids.

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