Apple's iCal calendar mysteriously deletes Easter

Easter Sunday, which arrives on April 1 this year, is the culmination of Holy Week, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the most important holiday in the Christian religion. However, it's absent from some Apple users' iCal calendars. 

There are other holidays on the U.S. calendar, such as Juneteenth (a holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery in Texas), Flag Day and Indigenous People's Day, that appear.

Easter Sunday shows up on calendars for iPhone users running versions 11.2.2 of Apple's iOS operating system, but not some users of 11.2.5, which is the latest version of the OS. However, one user said Easter showed in their calendar.

apple alternate calendar2

Easter Sunday is missing from iCal in iOS 11.2.5 for some users.  (Credit: Fox News, iOS 11.2.5)

apple screen shot

Easter Sunday appears in iCal in iOS 11.2.2  (Credit: Fox News, iOS 11.2.2)

apple alternate calendar1

Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic are offered as alternate iCal calendar options in Apple's iOS 11.2.5 (Credit: Fox News, iOS 11.2.5)

The default setting on iOS devices is for U.S. holidays, which shows holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day. However, there is an option to add Alternate Calendars, including Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic. But Christian is absent from this list on iOS 11.2.5.


According to Pew Research, there were 2.3 billion Christians around the world as of 2015, making it the world's largest religion.

Additionally, the Hebrew calendar does not show major religious holidays such as Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah, but does show others, such as Tishri and Hevan.

It's unclear if the missing Jewish holidays and lack of a Christian calendar are a software glitch or an oversight on Apple's part.

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Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment from Fox News.

News of the missing Christian holidays first appeared on an Apple discussion board.

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