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DSEI: New special operations vehicle revealed

Supacat LRV 400 'Mk2'

Supacat LRV 400 'Mk2'  (Allison Barrie)

Supacat’s all-new special operations vehicle can drive right off a Chinook helicopter and straight into action.

The LRV 400, dubbed the ‘Mk2’ was unveiled by Supacat at the Defence and Security Equipment International Show (DSEI) in London this week.

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The all-British lightweight reconnaissance vehicle is designed specifically for teams who need top off-road performance in challenging environments.

The Mk2 can be flown to an operational zone and driven straight off the aircraft fully operationally loaded and ready to execute a mission.

Once inserted via Chinook, these vehicles carry a crew of three or four for rapid land insertion, reaching speeds of up to 100mph. Mk2s have an operational range of approximately 500 miles.

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For an ultra speedy exit, the Mk2 can be driven straight onto the Chinook and flown out of the area.

It's a highly adaptable vehicle and quickly converts from 4×4 to 6×6. Depending on the configuration, it can carry an operational payload of over 3,700 pounds, up to over 9,000 pounds.  Its bump stops allow for stable firing and high power to weight ratio. 

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Powered by a V6 3.0 turbo diesel providing 256bhp and 600Nm torque, it has an 8-speed automatic transmission and high and low permanent 4WD.

Mk2 is the latest variant of the LRV 400 Mk1 that Supacat introduced in 2012. The LRV 400s are designed to meet the off road need between an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Supacat’s larger Jackal.

“Coming from the Supacat stable, LRV 400 offers a scaled down version of Jackal with its acclaimed all terrain tactical performance in all environments”, said Phil Applegarth, head of Supacat, in a press release.

There are a number of bespoke options available for users, encompassing lightweight armor and weapons systems.

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