Glenn Beck: WikiLeaks Questions

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Welcome to "The Glenn Beck Program."

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I mean, we could stay and just continue to eat, but maybe we should get back to reality.

The problems aren't going away. In fact, they're getting bigger. The government's tiny Band-Aid on the massive mortgage market is beginning to peel off. The real bleeding is about to begin.

New home sales continue to plummet. Inventory continues to rise. And sale prices continue to drop.

The E.U. over the weekend bailed out Ireland to the tune of $113 billion. The stock markets tumbled on fears that the rest of the Euro Zone may not be far behind. They're right. Portugal is next, and then Spain.

North Korea and South Korea — dangerously close to escalating violence.

And America has suffered an embarrassing leak of classified information via WikiLeaks. According to some reports today, this is the largest loss of sensitive information by a world superpower in all of human history.

But the question is: What did we learn from these? Is there anything new here?

I've seen much of what is out there and I've heard the people on TV talk about it. This is merely serving as confirmation of what you already knew, that the government is lying to you.

I've said it before. The perfect storm — well, this is what I said before — a perfect storm is coming. Let me change that. The perfect storm is here.

Al-Qaeda announced their perfect storm strategy. It's called "operation hemorrhage." What does it mean? Death by a thousand paper cuts. We will bleed to death.

Let's not pour lemon juice on the paper cuts. Instead, let's look at what is really going on. Blow the smoke of the media away and get to the truth. Why are these secrets being revealed today? And who is really involved?

Come on.


BECK: Hello, America. Glad you're here.

I never treated you like a moron, mainly because I don't believe you are a moron. And since I — because I believe those things, I don't always take time to fill in the blanks on what I believe you already know or it is your responsibility as a citizen to find these things out.

My comments because of this are routinely taken out of context. The irony is, of course, it is done so by people who do think you are stupid — people like Howard Dean who recently admitted as much. Listen to this:


HOWARD DEAN, FORMER DNC CHAIRMAN: What I think I would do is, first, I would be bring back the Fairness Doctrine, so you couldn't have spectacle of a Fox flooze, which makes stuff up and as a propaganda outlet. You actually have to have some sentient human beings talking to the other side. And it would serve — MSNBC would have to do the same. It would have to have some conservatives on there, too. I think that's much better for the country. Americans don't know what's going on and therefore, the media can have their way with them intellectually.


BECK: I would ask Mr. Dean to help me out. What is it that we make up?

I would ask you to just take a moment here. Do you really believe that I could or anybody here at Fox News could just make things up and remain on the air?

No. You're not a dummy. I do expect you to know what's going on, because nefarious people will have their way with dummies. And I guarantee what I will say tonight will be taken out of context.

Listen carefully. Do your own homework.

There is no other television show — the reason why we make ground — there is no other television show I think in the history of news broadcast that has a 20-minute monologue like I do. I can lay an awful lot of stuff out in 20 minutes. They can chop it up any way they want and play 30 seconds of it and make it in to anything.

Here's Howard Dean calling for a Fairness Doctrine to return and then some — so the government can force sentient human beings to be put on the air.

I warned you that there will come a time when radicals see an opportunity to take us non-sentient human beings down and they will dog pile. And when that happens, the ends will justify the means and you won't be able to trust anything.

How long ago did I tell you everything that you thought you could count on, you will not be able to count on? Everything you thought was solid will be liquid and vice versa?

Now is the beginning of that time. When you watch the coverage of the WikiLeaks story, I don't want you to just — to go with the media storyline. It's not enough.

They're not telling you everything — they're not even asking the right questions. It is as simple as they are making it out to be. These are tough adult questions that need to be asked.

The media has boiled it down to this: the guy who leaked the information — bad. Punish him. Shout them down. Shut him down. Put them all in jail.

Well, you know what? He probably should go to jail and probably tried for treason. But that to me is not the important part of the story today. We need to look into the story deeper.

What is it that he has released? Really, what has he released? Let's start with that and then ask some questions. Well, what did he release that we didn't already know? You tell me.

Here's one thing that was releases. Iran smuggled arms to Hezbollah during Hezbollah's war with Israel. I knew that. I talked about it on the television show and my radio show. I was called a fearmonger for doing that.

The leaks show that North Korea supplied Iran with a cache of advanced missiles based on a Russian design much more powerful than anything that Washington has publicly conceded that Tehran has in its arsenal. Did you know that? If you watch this show, you did. The leaks further suggest a possible nuclear weapon cooperation between Iran and North Korea. Does that surprise anyone? Isn't that axis of evil?

The leaks also showed China is conducting computer sabotage. Hmm.

That the U.S. is close to the edge with Pakistan.

That the U.S. officials called Putin the alpha dog leader in Russia, and that the Saudis remain the chief financier of al Qaeda. Oh, and, by the way, they also tried to get to us attack Iran because they fearing for their own butts, getting in the crossfire of Iran-Israel showdown.

Nothing — nothing in this report so far is shocking. It's all stuff that you already knew because you watch this show, or because you're not a moron. You knew it in your gut.

But there are things that the government is telling you that are not true. Isn't that the maybe surprising thing here? Don't trust the government. George W. Bush was looking in Putie Put's eyes and saw a good man. But behind the scenes, they are saying that these guys are thugs and the alpha dog is controlling it. Really? I thought he was our friend.

We're holding hand and playing footsy with the Saudis. We're so careful not to offend any of them. We won't allow investigations into the Saudi-funded school in Virginia that has produced at least two students who are arrested on terror threats — but Saudi Arabians are our friends.

We can't even look at the curriculum at this school that teaches students that it's OK for Muslims to kill adulterers and converts from Islam. Yet, they remain the chief funder of al Qaeda and the government knew that. So did you, in your gut.

Publicly, politicians want to sit down and chat with dictators like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il, even though privately, we now know they are working behind the scenes to help out Iran go nuclear.

China is conducting super computer sabotage, or computer sabotage. Do you remember the story that didn't make any sense to us? The president, himself, President Obama said that they were going to stop looking in to computer attacks from China? Do you remember all of us saying, what?

Ask your friends this question, because if you've done what I've asked you to do: protect your integrity. Do not take my word. Never trust me on anything. I don't ask for your trust.

I give you information. And I tell you, you can find all of this information from reliable sources. Go to the library. Look it up.

Ask your friends if you protected your integrity and you've only told them the truth, how many times do you have to be right? How many times does the show have to be right before Americans start listening to either the show or more importantly, to their gut and not to the clowns in Washington who are lying to you?

We have told you all of these things. You have checked them out and verified them on your own. And you told your friends.

We gave you as much confirmation as we could at the time. I ask you to do your homework and make sure you're not relying on anyone but your own gut and your own knowledge. Know what you believe, because there is coming a time where you will have to be dependent on, people will have to — they won't trust anyone.

Are you conducting your life in such a way where they will trust you? Get rid of all of the lies in your life. Never go on someone else's information.

So, now, what happens from here? Well, I've told you the theory. Top down, bottom up, inside out, right?

It actually is top down — you put the radicals up here at the top. And then you have — well, I put the labor unions down here. You have the real radicals that everybody knows that causes the chaos in the street. And the average American is here.

And when the top — top comes down, when the bottom starts to rise up and cause trouble, putting pressure on you through chaos. Turn you inside out. And then you beg for the top to make it go away. You coordinate with the union and the revolutionaries on the street and that's what you're not supposed to know, that these guys are connected to these guys.

This is what led to Czechoslovakia and turned them into a communist country in 1948 — bottom up, top down, inside-out.

It's, in fact, what Van Jones preaches today. Watch.


VAN JONES, FORMER GREEN JOBS CZAR: You handle the top down, but it's also bottom up and inside out. Top down, bottom up, and inside out. So, now, your challenge as you leave here, our challenge, is to take care of the bottom up part.


BECK: That's what they're doing.

The inside-out part is the chaos, the leaks. The leaks — what does it do? It creates distrust in our government. It creates distrust in everything. It adds instability all around in an already shaky globe.

How do we now negotiate with other countries when we have turned everything inside out? And what you're seeing on television now is just adding smoke.

The media is leading the charge, begging, begging for the top down! Come down, do something. WikiLeaks — WikiLeaks is coming up. Stop them!

Don't. Before you beg for someone to step in, let's take a deeper look at who these people are. And we're just beginning to scratch the surface. The WikiLeaks guy, who is he? He's on the bottom. Is he in league with anyone?

Well, let's start with the private who leaked the information to WikiLeaks. What do we know about him? He's a 22-year-old intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning.

Well, let me show you some of his supporters because his supporters are very, very, very interesting. First of all, you have Code Pink. Whose other endeavors include supporting the terror group Hamas. You remember the flotilla? Yes.

Wait a minute. The flotilla — the flotilla was Bill Ayers, Code Pink, Bernardine Dohrn. Oh, yes, they're all connected to these guys. That's right.

And then you have Noam Chomsky, he's the anti-free market — let's call him a communist because he is.

And then you have the anti-free market, Cuba-loving Michael Moore, the America-bashing radical leftist Daniel Ellsberg, and, of course, MDS.

Now, what is MDS? MDS sounds an awful lot — oh, look at the logo! MDS is SDS. This is the adult counterpart of SDS, the violent student group started in the '60s — started in the '60s, started in the `60s. Oh, yes. Started in the `60s by this guy. And then you also have the — you also have the ANSWER Coalition, and Veterans for Peace.

Now, this is just — these are the people who just support this guy. What a coincidence. It's a real coincidence because if you look at the groups involved with this rally, you'll notice that they are all the same. Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, ANSWER Coalition and you know what's really strange about that is they got their funding from the Tides Foundation. And the Tides Foundation gets much of their funding from George Soros, which is weird, through OSI.

Oh, by the way, this guy, the guy who founded SDS, he runs OSI for George Soros. Isn't that weird?

Now, Manning expected fall-out. And here's how he predicted it and described it, quote, "Everywhere there is a U.S. post, there is a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed. It's open diplomacy, worldwide anarchy in CSV format. It's a climategate with a global scope, and breathtaking depth. It's beautiful and horrifying."

Now, for those of you who don't know what CSV is? Because I didn't — it's a computer file format.

How many people do you know describe worldwide anarchy as, quote, "beautiful and horrifying"? These people do. There's one circle of radicals who view the world in a similar fashion. The man behind the WikiLeaks page and all of these leaks — currently hiding out in Britain. Do you know who his attorney is?

OK, here's the guy who's running WikiLeaks. And that is his attorney, Mark Stevens.

Mark Stevens is so weird, happens to do pro bono stuff for George Soros and the Open Society Institute. Isn't that weird?

When the founder of WikiLeaks set out to establish funding for WikiLeaks, guess who he negotiated with? The Open Society Institute, George Soros. That's strange, isn't it?

Wow! Man, we should call for the top down, shouldn't we? Because the bottom is rising up. I have wonder if anybody in the administration could help us with the Internet.

WikiLeaks wrote an award-winning report called "The Cry of Blood." This is great. "The Cry of Blood." The report was published by the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights. George Soros.

WikiLeaks once listed Soros connected Chinese human rights leader as one of its advisors. Well, I say once listed them because they scrubbed the Web site. Oh, too bad for WikiLeaks and George Soros and everybody else, too bad we have watchdogs that printed everything before it was scrubbed from the Web. Hmm.

I want you to listen carefully because this monologue is going to be taken out of context. Here's what people are going to say. "Glenn Beck says George Soros is behind WikiLeaks." That is not what I am saying. Could I make it any clearer?

George Soros' Open Society Foundation came out in August and said it was not taking a position on the WikiLeaks documents. But it opposed any and all disclosures about identifiable civilians that would put them at risk. That's because Open Society has an interest in Afghanistan.

But have you noticed — have you noticed they're not taking a position on this? And it's the same group of people, Marxist, anarchist, Code Pink, Michael Moore, everybody.

I want you to hear this clearly. I do not believe in a "Star Chamber." I don't think Michael Moore is calling George Soros and George Soros is getting on the phone and telling Cass Sunstein — they're not doing that. These people are not secretly meeting and telling each other what to do or giving each other directions.

What I'm talking to you about is what al Qaeda is calling "operation hemorrhage" for their part. What I have called the perfect storm, where like-minded people, people who want to destroy the republic, seize an opportunity. And the window for opportunity for anarchy and chaos on this planet, to overthrow our system here and the systems abroad is now. And it's not just Soros who would like to change the system.

There is more to this story than just a disgruntled 22-year-old soldier who wants to make a name for himself. Again, the kid describes world anarchy as beautiful and horrifying. And remember, these leaks don't teach us anything new. All they do is create, like he said, anarchy and chaos around the globe.

Well, what was step three of George Soros' plan for overthrowing countries, if you remember from this program about a month ago? Step three was — there it is — destabilize the state, create anti-government sentiment. Hmm.

Does this destabilize the state? You damn right it does. Does it cause anti-government sentiment? Yes! It's not really hard to do these days, is it?

I want you to check this video out. It's a socialist that the "The Blaze" posted last week. He's saying that the time for revolution is now. Find it at

It's not just George Soros or Wiki or any group of people that want us to, you know, collapse, make waves and create confusion. It is "operation hemorrhage," death by a thousand paper cuts. And it's not just one group trying to do it.

But remember this — we surround them, it's an illusion. Just don't cry for the top to come down and protect you, oh, because they will.

The last question I have for you is: who can you trust? May I suggest that you trust yourself? That is what WikiLeaks should have taught you. And then do what Shelley Winters and Ernest Borgnine did in the "Poseidon Adventure." They followed this man.


GENE HACKMAN AS REVEREND SCOTT: I want to appeal to you for the last time.

PASSENGER: You don't know what you're talking about.

REVEREND SCOTT: I know this much. The sea is going to keep pouring in. We're going to keep settling deeper and deeper. We may go under before we get up to the bottom to cut our way out. But it's something to try and a chance we might make it. If you stay here, you'll certainly die.


BECK: May I suggest that you become him? There are those intentionally creating chaos and there are those who will just stand there in the ballroom with the ship upside down. And they will wait for help while others try to destroy the free-market system and replace it their socialist utopia.

Have truth in your life. Put yourself in a position to be independent and strong and a leader. Do not be the one stranded when the water comes pouring in. Instead, the one that lead others to the surface.

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