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GLENN BECK, HOST: Happy Halloween, America.

Actually, I really wanted to have the big — remember, in the "Star Wars" movie, when the emperor was sitting in the big chair? "Now, in the end" — remember that? I wanted to have the chair built so I could dress as George Soros. But we're a low-budget show, so you're just going to have to have me like this today.

We're going to scare the bat snot out of you in the next hour. We are two days away from an election, and you won't believe some of the nonsense and attempted voter fraud that is going on across this country.

So get some more candy corn and KitKats because we're going to — we're going to find out what's really going on: trick-or-treat. Tonight, America, you decide.

Well, hello. Thank you for joining us.

I don't know if you could have ever imagined even a year ago that just days before a midterm election, Harry Reid, in Congress 27 years, in politics for 41 years — I mean, how does your soul survive after that? — that he would be trailing?

John Dingell, he has been in Congress for 55 years. And this — John Dingell is one of my favorite stories because his dad was in the same seat that he was in. His dad won that seat in 1933. Since '33, until today, a Dingell has been in that chair.

He had to fly in Bill Clinton because the race is too close to call for comfort. Establishment candidates in both parties are on the run, as they should be. And it has all happened because of you. You let your voice be heard.

But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The establishment and the radicals on the left are not just going to sit down and take it. This is their moment. They have been looking for this moment since about here. They've been waiting for their progressive utopia. That's why I've been telling you that you must know what you believe.

You know, I've told you before to take the 40-day and 40-night challenge. Clean all of this stuff out. Know who you are. Know what you believe. Don't — you know what? If you've done bad things in your life, get over it! We've all screwed up. Get it out of the system because you're going to need to be a strong shelter for somebody else.

This is the beginning of the cycle. We're headed for tougher times, not easier times. I want you not only to get the crap out of your life, get the debt out of your life, but also be in a position where you can help other people and protect your family. Don't have your — don't be forced to make decisions that you wouldn't normally make out of a pressure situation.

In the political news this weekend, some business shows were talking about the GDP and how the GDP is growing. But they should be looking at something else, the rate of inflation. Inflation is now running higher than they can control. The Fed said their target inflation is 2 percent. It came out on Friday that it's 2.4 percent. What does that mean? Well, it means inflating the money, but not Weimar Republic. Weimar Republic was different than what we have right now, at least.

What you're going to see probably around the first of the year is you're going to see the price of corn and coffee, food going up, while your dollar is worth less. So when you go into the supermarket coming next year, you're going to have the same paycheck, but you're not going to be able to buy as much food for your children and your family. The things you need to survive are going to cost more.

Please, please, pay attention to these things because Tuesday is extraordinarily important, but it is the beginning. Weimar had its problem accelerate because of the labor unions. What a surprise! The labor unions were there. Every time the dollar was devalued, the labor unions were there and saying, Well, here's what has to happen. You need pay the workers more. And it was a cycle that just didn't end.

Here, I believe, the misery is going to be elongated. It will be hard to buy food for many people. We already have 40 million Americans on food stamps. Now, you can dismiss me as a nutjob or you can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Dismiss me as a nutbag in two years from now, but please, please, be shelter for someone else. Think ahead.

If you're watching this program, you're either going to be ridiculed by your family for years or you will be ridiculed for your family — by — for you know, one year. And then they'll say, Gee, I wish I would have listened to you. At some point, you're back and your family's back and the people that you know will be up against a wall.

It's already happening now with the election. You're already being intimidated, agitated, baited. Remember, this is what the left does. They're not good at ruling, they're good at agitation! Why are they agitating things? Because they need you to sit down and take it. They need you to sit down and be quiet.

It's happened in this country before. It's happened during Reconstruction. After the end of slavery, there was Reconstruction and it was awful. It happened during the Wilson operation — what a surprise — during FDR, during the 1960s. But what happened to the radicals? What happened in those eras? What happened at the end of slavery to those who were so corrupt, with Reconstruction, the radicals of the progressive movement under Wilson, the radicals in the FDR, the radicals in the 1960s — what happened?

They were exposed. And in the end, America chose a different path. They didn't lose just politically, they ended up being on the wrong side of history. You're not going to be on the wrong side of history, but you have to know what you believe in and what the truth is.

Now, let's look at some of the things that are happening.

There's the Rand Paul incident. I love this! They're now saying that he is just a — he's just a bad, bad man. Well, let's look at what this really was. There was an activist there trying to stir the pot at an event and Rand Paul, some supporter, reacted in a completely despicable manner. If you'll see this — this woman was wearing a wig — there's the wig — and thrown down to the ground. This is a supporter. Now, here's — here's where the despicable act comes, right there, completely — but you notice the other guy said, No, no, no, no, no. Don't do it.

Violence is not the answer. It's wrong every single time. That guy was wrong. And not only that, he did exactly what the protester wanted. She was from They've already made commercials about this now. Don't play into their hands., another George Soros-funded operation — they have created a fictitious Republicorp company. I found this on the Internet a couple of nights ago. The Moveon Council Network — remember, Soros money. What they're doing here is they are showing you now — "bird dogging guide." This is how you get them. The materials that you need — these are suggestions on how you get them.

OK, their stated goal is to pick a target. Wait am. Pick a target and then isolate it. This sounds familiar. Pick a target, a Republican. Make a scene at a political rally, the events or the debates, and make sure you have a camera to get the reaction on tape.

That's what happened! They're agitators. That's what the far left has been best at since the beginning of time. The Weather Underground — they were agitators. They tried to stir the pot. They tried to start a revolution through chaos. It's what they do best! It's the only thing they do well.

Now, I'll show you video now from Arizona. It's when, again, one of the George Soros-funded Republicorp groups. Here you see a protester. This is the Republicorp people. These are the people. This guy is somebody who's not with — he's now calling for police because this man grabbed him by the throat, started to choke him!

There is anger and hate. Don't — don't — don't get involved. Don't get involved. They are creating a scene. A supporter, a Republican candidate, comes over, activist grabs him by the throat, reach out and really, a quite honestly pathetic attempt to choke him. He wasn't really trying to choke him, I don't think. He knew the cameras were rolling, tried to get a violent reaction out of the Republican supporter.

Thankfully, all the guy did was raise his hand and say, police! And that's when you see the hands come off. By the way, you can see that video, and it is amazing, at

Now, the Rand Paul supporter, that's the first violence I have seen from the right. It was wrong. Most of the violence has been coming from the left. Actually, you remember the 65-year-old, you know, man who got his finger bitten off at health care rally? The attacker was a guy who's part of the 100 activists that were there to support health care sponsored by, paid for by spooky dude.

So expect the reaction. Expect the fraud. Expect intimidation. It's all been done before. Eric Holder's DOJ didn't seem alarmed, you know, at the radical militants that were hovering at the polls. No big deal! They inexplicably dropped the rock-solid case against them. Now they're being looked at to look into voter intimidation — alleged voter intimidation — in Harris County, Texas. A group there called the King Street Patriots have been trained — have been training poll watchers to watch out for document or voter intimidation or fraud. They document everything they see. They write it all down.

Well, one thing they happen to see, according to this document — this is the official report — was Sheila Jackson Lee. She was clearly politicking in voting areas. That, by the way, is against the law. But who really cares anymore? That is exactly what Michelle Obama was doing in Illinois a couple of weeks ago. The lawsuit has been filed against the King Street Patriots now.

Wait a minute. This is against — who's filing — the Democrats and a group called Houston Votes are now alleging that it is the King Street Patriots that are the ones doing the intimidation. Both Jackson Lee and the King Street Patriots are requesting that the DOJ sends reps to the polls.

By the way, Houston Votes — the group suing — their parent company, funded by George Soros. The George Soros Open Society-funded group, Texans Together Education Fund. Gee, I wonder which side will take the phone calls at the DOJ.

In Arizona, there was a rock-throwing incident. A woman with "Jan Brewer for Governor" painted on the back of her window, along with a pro-Constitution bumper sticker, returned to her car to find somebody had thrown a huge rock through her back window. They're hoping that you will see things like this and you will stop showing your support. That is how intimidation works. They also need you — need you — to strike out.

You remember the emperor, sitting in the Death Star and he had the light saber there next to him. And what did he say? Good. Yes. Grab your light saber. Strike him down!

You don't want to feed into the hatred. You see this on the news. You want to announce that you support for Jan Brewer and then you're, like, I'm not going to say anything because I may get a rock through my window.

Also in Arizona, one of the Democratic socialists, well connected with power, progressive representatives who has dominated elections for the last decade is now in trouble. Look at the stats here. In 2002, he won with 59 percent of the vote. Then we go to 2004, 61 percent of the vote. 2006, it's now 60 percent of the vote. And 2008 is 63 percent of the vote. Now he's running behind Ruth McClung, 39-37, 24 percent still undecided.

Now, apparently, the boycott he announced against his own state is not working out so well. That's what he did. He said, we should boycott Arizona. People don't like it. So what is he doing? According to another police report, several witnesses have seen staffers stuffing the trunks of their cars with McClung's yard signs.

First of all, I mean, if you vote for who has more yard signs, you're a moron. But this shows the level of desperation on the left. We talked to Ruth McClung on Friday's program. You may remember her. She was the rocket scientist. She is the physicist. She's 28 years old — not getting rocket scientists who decided she couldn't sit on the sidelines anymore. Now, the GOP, the establishment, originally blew her off. She didn't care. The NRCC actually told her she was on a political suicide mission, going up against the progressive candidate. The latest polls, and the Republicans now, they see that, and they're — all of a sudden, now they want to get involved.

Here's the best part: She has reportedly turned down the Republican offer of money saying that their money comes with strings attached. Is that amazing? That's a bright spot in the midst of a corrupt system. You know who her campaign manager is? Her mom. I love this candidate.

Remember, SEIU and the voting booth glitch in Harry Reid's home state of Nevada, where the machines were mysteriously pre-selecting Harry Reid. Don't worry, everything is A-OK. Secretary of State Ross Miller said there's no evidence of voter fraud. Wonderful news coming from SEIU-endorsed Ross Miller. Oh, one more endorsement for Secretary of State Miller: George Soros.

This is from his SOS Project page. By the way, SOS — Support Secretaries of State who will protect the election — the Secretary of State Project. This is George Soros's money, hand-picking secretary of states so they have them in his pocket.

Al Franken. Remember Al Franken? Here's the site: "Since we launched in the fall of 2006, we have engaged in 11 races and have backed the winning candidate in 9 states, including Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana and Nevada." No fraud here — so says SEIU and George Soros. You can trust us. Move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

You have to go out and vote. You have to get everybody you know to go out and vote. Do not — do not allow yourself to get involved with the George Soros cronies. If it is a close call on Tuesday, George Soros will be managing the recounts just to make sure it's fair.

Don't let the intimidation of rocks and agitators suppress you.

You know, the thing that they don't understand is the more you push an American, the more we stand up. You'll never kick us down. We're not the Greeks. We're certainly not the French. You'll never kick us down. The harder you try to strap us to a table, the more we resist. That's just the way we are.

Do you remember, right before 8/28, the Black Panthers said, we will see Glenn Beck on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, and they said nobody would show up. I didn't even know if people would show up because it was a frightening thing. People called me left and right and said, I'm afraid. I don't know. Can I bring my kids? Who's going to be there? Do you have enough security for the whole crowd?

Well, you tell me. You tell me. Did Americans sit at home, or did Americans show up on 8/28?

People are not afraid anymore. And the more evidence of intimidation and fraud, the more committed we become. We stand up because we're Americans.

So on Tuesday, get out and vote.

And bring your cell phone. If you see something, make sure you take a picture of it or record it. Send it to us. If have you an iPhone, there's a new app. I look at this — I don't even know if I — I mean, I look at it and go do I — is it going through Apple? Do I trust Apple? There's a new app to report voter fraud. Download it. You will see the reports filed in your cities and in other cities. You can report an issue. When you press it, it automatically opens up the camera and you can easily report it. Use it, if you need to. I hope you don't have to, but I think you're going to.

Progressives believe that the ends justify the means. That's what it is, the ends justify the — it's the "Rules for Radicals," which again, I'd like to point out, Saul Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer.

Do you — do you have any friends that just won't wake up? What more do you have to say?

Last night, I was sitting at my kitchen table and I voted. And I filled out my absentee ballot. And this is for the very first time, I had to do this or I felt this way. I have to fill out my absentee ballot because I'm covering the elections all day and I'm in early in the city and I won't be home until after the polls close. So I filled it out. And I sat there with a pen and I read that thing back and forth. I'm, like, where's the catch? Where's the catch? How are they going to throw this out? And I filled them out for the first time in my life. I thought, it doesn't matter. It's not going to be counted anyway.

That is not true. We must fight that urge. When we feel that way, that's when they have won. That's what they want you to believe. You may be only one voice, but one voice can still change the country.

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