Report: Eco-Friendly Coolant Causing Refrigerators to Explode

A wave of violent refrigerator explosions in Britain reportedly is believed to have been caused by an attempt to make the machines more "green."

The five reported explosions — which destroyed the refrigerators and the kitchens that housed them — appear to coincide with a widespread switch to 'Greenfreeze' technology, the Daily Mail reported.

The new refrigerators use a different cooling system running on gases that are supposed to be less harmful to the ozone layer, but refrigeration contractor Graeme Fox told the Daily Mail that if the flammable natural gases leak into the fridge, they could trigger a powerful blast.

One woman whose fridge exploded three weeks ago told the Mail it caused more than $16,000 worth of damage. Another told the paper she thought an earthquake had struck when she and her sleeping family were rattled awake by her exploding fridge.

An independent engineer confirmed that a gas leak is suspected in the most recent fridge explosion, the Daily Mail reported.

Institute of Refrigeration President Jane Gartshore told the Mail that it's theoretically possible that the blasts could be caused by an isobutane leak but added that "there are hundreds of millions of these fridges and these incidents are very, very rare."

There are more than 300 million Greenfreeze fridges worldwide, the Mail reported.

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