Who Sent U.S. Soldiers to Samson?

Where federal laws were broken when soldiers were sent to an Alabama town after 11 people died in a shooting spree.

The Army confirmed Wednesday that 22 military police and an officer from Fort Rucker were sent to the nearby town of Samson after slayings last week. The town's tiny police force and county officers were stretched to the limit after a gunman killed 10 people and himself.

It's not clear who ordered the troops sent to Samson. Authorization from the governor or president is typically required for the deployment of federal troops on U.S. soil.

In response to inquiries from "Glenn Beck" producers, FOX News received the following statement from Harvey Perritt, spokesman for U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC):

"On 10 March 2009, after a report of an apparent mass murder in Samson, AL, 22 Military Police Soldiers from Fort Rucker, AL, along with the Fort Rucker Provost Marshal, were sent to the City of Samson. The purpose for sending the Military Police, the authority for doing so, and what duties they performed is the subject of an on-going Commander's Inquiry directed by the Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, General Martin Dempsey. In addition to determining the facts, this inquiry will also consider whether law, regulation and policy were followed. Until those facts are determined, it would be inappropriate to speculate or comment further. In the aftermath of this horrific crime spree, the military community of Fort Rucker joins the greater Alabama Wiregrass community in its grief and concern for the victims and their families."