Man Dies 35 Years After Being Shot, Death Ruled Homicide

Prosecutors in Denver might seek charges against a suspect — if they can find one — in a 35-year-old shooting that just became a homicide when the victim died.

The December death in Fort Worth, Texas, of 54-year-old Craig Buford has been ruled a homicide, caused by multiple organ failure from complications from his decades-old wound.

So far, police and prosecutors have been unable to find out who shot Buford in the back and what charges he may have faced in 1973.

Both Buford and the suspect were teens at the time.

Buford eventually healed and had few lasting effects. Relatives say he drove city buses in Denver and Seattle and was a trucker before retiring.

His widow says she's surprised by the homicide ruling.

Buford recently had surgery after doctors determined his colon had ruptured.