Adventure Show Host Catches Potentially Fatal Flesh-Eating Bug

British adventure show host and TV personality Ben Fogle is being treated for a potentially fatal flesh-eating bug he picked up on a TV shoot.

The star, 34, has a hole about an inch wide on his right arm after a sore broke out following his return from the jungles of Peru.

He now faces a month of treatment to stop the infection, which is believed to be Leishmaniasis.

Leishmaniasis is transmitted through the bite of a sand fly insect and the disease can be deadly if left untreated.

Doctors are testing some skin taken from former reality star Fogle's arm, with the results in the next few days expected to confirm the presence of the bug.

The sore appeared in the wake of a mystery illness that left him bedridden for three weeks after returning from South America, where he was filming a new adventure series "Extreme Dreams."

"I have every confidence in the specialists treating me," Fogle said.

His spokeswoman said he was still planning to take part in the inaugural South Pole Race in December with Olympic gold medal-winning rower James Cracknell.

Fogle sprang to fame in 2000 after taking part in the BBC's reality show "Castaway."

He lives in London with his wife Marina.

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