Dead Removed After Funeral Home Falls Into Foreclosure

Even the dead can't escape foreclosure.

Five bodies and the cremated remains of 22 people were removed in the wee hours Friday from the House of Burns Memorial Chapel, a funeral home in Pontiac.

They were delivered to the Oakland County medical examiner's office for storage around 4:30 a.m., said administrator Robert Gerds.

"I've been here over 10 years. It's a first for me," he said.

Detroit television stations aired video of caskets being removed in the daylight, but Gerds said there were no bodies inside them.

He said his office was warned Thursday that a court-ordered eviction would occur after midnight.

At the suburban Detroit funeral home, a woman answering the phone said: "It ain't nothing baby. Just God doing his work." She declined to give her name.

Gerds said some cremated remains are from the 1990s. The county will send the bodies to another funeral home if a family member makes a claim.