Paramedic Accused of Taking Naked Picture of Unconscious Patient in Ambulance

A Scottish paramedic was arrested and suspended from his job after he reportedly took a cell phone picture of an intoxicated, naked patient in the back of his ambulance, The Daily Record reported Friday.

A female colleague of Callous Scott Jenkins, 30, reported that he laughed at the young woman and made vile remarks about her before pulling out his phone and acting as if he was taking a photo.

Jenkins’ colleague, Ruth Anderson, 28, was not sure if the married father of two actually took a picture, but was offended enough by his actions to report him, The Record reported.

Anderson said she did not hear a click or see a flash, but she did hear Jenkins say, “She'll never remember.”

Jenkins has denied a charge of breach of the peace over the February 10 incident, but a sheriff told him Thursday, “There's no doubt at all you should be found guilty. For an ambulance man to behave like that is just absolutely appalling.”

Anderson said she and the other paramedics laughed but that she felt “disgusted that that comment had been made about a patient.”

The paramedics were called to Edinburgh's Cowgate after reports that a woman was unconscious. They helped the intoxicated woman into the ambulance.

She said she needed to use the bathroom, took off her clothes, and passed out, The Record reported.

It is at that point, Anderson claims, that Jenkins made the offensive comment about the patient.

"It was a breach of the duty of care we have to patients,” Anderson told The Record. “It was very inappropriate."

The Scottish Ambulance Service is still deciding Jenkins’ future as a paramedic.

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