Pop Tarts: Keira Knightley Can't Keep Her Clothes On

Keira Knightley may be a member of the young, star-studded generation, but the "Atonement" actress is pretty confident that no nude snaps, sex scandals or deep, dark secrets are hidden in her (we suspect very designer) closet.

"I don't have anything to be worried about," the 22-year-old screen siren told us while promoting the new period piece. "I'm certainly not perfect, but there is nothing I'm too worried about, I don't think."

But that doesn't mean she doesn't question what kind of trouble she could have gotten into had she been raised in Tinseltown instead of Teddington, London.

"I often wonder things like 'If I had just gone left instead of right' how different would my life be, which is something I think everybody does at some point," she said.

"But I'm so blessed to be where I am and have grown up where I did. I can't imagine confronting Hollywood right from the start of my career, but I feel blessed just to be leading the life I do."

And even though she is "blessed" to be fulfilled with fame and fortune, Knightley is quick to remind us that she feels no "Love, Actually" for the paparazzi.

"Having people following you around all the time is something you can never get used to, ever," she said at the Hollywood premiere of "Atonement" late last week.

And just because the itty-bitty beauty believes there are no scandalous snaps of her that could surface doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy stripping.

Knightley bared her (very thin) body in a see-through slip in "Atonement," as well as in this month's Interview magazine, an upcoming Chanel ad and Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue in early 2006.

Click here to see the Interview magazine cover

In fact, when Ellen DeGeneres asked Knightley on her show last week, 'Why do you love posing nude?'" a pretty amusing conversation took place:

Ellen: Why do you love posing nude?

Keira: I don’t know. People ask and I just say yes.

Ellen: You just say OK?

Keira: Yeah, I will learn to say no. At the moment, my friends actually have bets going on that I can’t actually do a photo shoot keeping my clothes on.

Keira adds: I think I find it vaguely liberating, which I hope I don’t become a nudist.

Ellen: You’re on your way.

Keira: I am. I’m on my way.

Ellen: I don’t know why you put on clothes to come to the show.

Keira: Should I take them off now?

Ellen: No, no. We’re daytime.

Hmm, perhaps the "Bend It Like Beckham" babe just wants the world to celebrate her passage into womanhood…

"I loved this experience and the opportunity to finally play a role that was definitely a woman as opposed to a girl just on the brink of womanhood," Knightley said while referring to her randy role in "Atonement" alongside James McAvoy.

"I wanted to play somebody completely different and, I suppose, intelligible. The fact that she's not particularly likable was completely different for me, and I found the prospect of playing this person, no, this woman, just so exciting. Finally a woman."

But Knightley unlikable?! We just can't imagine!

Pop Tarts Parties: J.R. Rotem Finally Speaks, Depp and 'Borat' Buddy Up and Jude Law, Nicky Hilton and Spice Girls 'Sin' in the City

As the holiday season sleighs closer and the temperature falls, Hollywood, ironically, is heating up — especially when Johnny Depp and Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen strutted into the swankiest spot in Hollywood on Friday night.

Pop Tarts spotted the screen sensations chilling out with a lager at Les Deux, and while they certainly weren't having "sexy time," they were talking until the wee hours.

The good times kept rolling across the river on Saturday with "Fight Night" in Sin City, where Jude Law celebrated his 35th birthday.

First of all, Jude fed his fine face with fine food at Company American Bistro in the Luxor Hotel.

And fine company wasn't far off, as Pop Tarts spotted Nicky Hilton and beau, David Katzenberg, taste-testing just a few tables away…

Law then continued partying at the nightclub LAX, where he couldn't stop boasting about the birthday cake he was given and toasting shots of Patron as he tried to take over the turntables from DJ Vice.

Just a table away was the younger Hilton heiress yet again (who knew they were friends?) who sat quietly, probably planning her New Year's Eve (Pop Tarts has been told that she and her "Simple" sis will be hosting at the hotspot).

And, of course, "Mindfreak" Criss Angel and his extra-enormous entourage were making magic with an everlasting supply of shots on the VIP stage alongside another British bad boy: Callum Best.

Best didn't look like he was saving himself for his newly single ex, Lindsay Lohan, as he instead lapped up all the lovin' and attention from a (very extensive) plethora of party princesses.

But the partying got more than a sprinkling of "Spice" on Sunday night over at LAX's sister party palace PURE in Caesar's Palace when Emma "Baby" Bunton and Mel "Scary" Brown decided to bop and boogie along with 15 of their back-up dancers and Mel's beau, Stephen Belafonte.

The girl-powered mamas celebrated their successful comeback by boppin' to their own beat, and although the party couldn't last "Forever," Baby and her "Scary" pal did make it last almost until the sun came up.

Fellow Brit (and boxer) Ricky Hatton also hopped with the hotties late into the night and seemed to enjoy murmuring over the microphone even more than the performing pros.

And if Pop Tarts' eyes weren't tired enough, we also spied Celine Dion and hubby, Rene Angelil, sipping sake at Social House just hours earlier while porn princess Jenna Jameson and her boy toy Tito Oritz looked like they needed to "get a room" as they smooched more than they sushi-ed. Following their beef and beer, the blonde babe and her beau were nowhere to be seen…

But over in the heart of Hollywood, Pop Tarts had the "pleasure" of chatting with music producer (and rumored daddy of Britney's rumored baby J.R. Rotem) at Hollywood Life Magazine's 7th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards.

"They created this category (Producer of the Year) especially for me this year to spotlight what I've done in terms of music producing and the artists like Sean Kingston that I've worked with," Rotem told Tarts on the red carpet.

But how is he handling the Spears "daddy" drama?

"I'm staying out of all that talk — I'm not really aware of what is said and written about me," he said. "I'm so busy just being in the studio and just working."

Video: Hollywood Life Awards

And even though the likes of "Into the Wild" sensations Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart were being honored, as well as Keira Knightley's "Atonement" co-star James McAvoy, Russell Crowe's co-star in "3:10 to Yuma" Ben Foster and tantalizing "Transformer" Megan Fox, apparently the press were only there for Rotem.

But when it comes to talk of breaking into the biz, "Scrubs" star Donald Faison (who hosted the evening) may have made his way years ago as that kid in "Clueless," but his biggest breakthrough was actually breaking away from that brand name.

"It hasn't been easy — I was always known as the kid from 'Clueless.' I didn't necessarily break through — nobody even knew my name," Faison told us. "'Clueless' is one of the best movies ever and I'm so proud to be a part of it, but I was just always known as that 'Clueless' guy, as a matter of fact my name was actually 'Clueless' for a really long time. Hopefully I'm the 'Scrubs' man now."

'Monsters' Steal From Charlize

No matter how much money or security a starlet has, she can still be the victim of calculating thieves — a lesson that Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron learned the hard way.

According to L.A. police, Theron's Hollywood home was broken into sometime between Thursday and Saturday while she was reportedly filming in New Mexico.

At this stage it has not been made official what was pilfered from the plush pad.

"I definitely didn't see or hear anything suspicious," a nearby neighbor told Pop Tarts. "But it's such a violating feeling for anybody, celebrity or not."

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