Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, the winners and losers for the week as chosen by me and Heather and our staff. Let's start with the winners first, shall we?

We saw Tim Russert as a big winner. The "Meet the Press" moderator pushed the Democrats hard in their recent debate and made them squirm. Hat tip to Tim.

Tanya Rider has to be a winner. She survived eight days in a car wreck while the cops were preparing to focus suspicion on her husband. Luckily she was found just in time for herself and hubby. We wish them all the best.

George Clooney and one of his many girlfriends were winners. They had a motorcycle wreck and walked away with bandages and crutches, which is way better than it could have been.

Our last big winner is Nino, the owner of Osso Buco restaurant in New York City. His picture of himself and Chelsea Clinton caused a huge uproar and now crowds are jamming his restaurant. Got to love the free publicity.

Now the week's losers and the reasons why.

The first one is George Soros. The Independent Business Daily has been digging into which far-left groups Soros funds with big checks. His people keep claiming it's all lies. Looks like truth.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian leader spent his time talking to the American people proving the left is nuts for supporting him, and he's just plain nuts.

Michael Vick is a loser. On top of everything else, now they get him for pot? Michael, you're under the microscope. Cool your jets.

And the city of San Francisco is a big loser for refusing to let the U.S. Marines shoot a TV commercial there and claiming it was because the shoot would tie up traffic. Obviously bogus. Why can't the city just say it hates the military and get it over with?

That's My Word.

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