'Spider-Man 3' Sets Box Office Record

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'Spider-Man 3': $148 Million Record Set

It didn't get great reviews, but "Spider-Man 3" is going into the record books. By the time the dust settles Monday morning, the third film installment of the Marvel series will have taken in $148 million and easily broken the record for biggest box-office opening weekend gross.

"Spidey 3" thus takes the crown from the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, which took in $135,634,554 last July.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, you know, he does whatever a spider can. Of course, he needed some help from Sony's marketing department. Among the many smart things the film company did was to promote a "Spider-Man" week in New York that involved lots of little activities that made for a grassroots explosion.

It also didn't hurt that Hollywood hasn't released a blockbuster in a very long time. Audiences were parched for entertainment and an 'event' film. Ironically, the next one up is the third "Pirates" installment.

Disney will be doing everything it can to retrieve this new broken record from Sony even if it means — and this is just hypothetical — putting Keith Richards on Oprah to explain his snorting story.

Paris Hilton: Lemonade Out of Prison

If Paris Hilton goes to prison on June 5, and that seems to be the case, she will make lemonade out of lemons.

Hilton was ordered to jail Friday by a California judge who was not amused by her drunk driving, and with a suspended license at that.

Particularly amusing was the judge’s assertion in his comments that testimony from Paris’ oily publicist Elliot Mintz was not helpful, according to reports. The judge said it was “completely useless.”

Journalists who’ve had to call Mintz over the years would concur, your honor.

I also thought Paris’s mom’s reaction to the decision was interesting. Kathy Hilton reportedly laughed when the judge announced that Paris was going to prison, and asked him for his autograph.

But imagine what a “Surreal Life” escapade this will be for Paris. She will undoubtedly get a huge book sale out of the experience and notoriety, not to mention some kind of movie (TV or otherwise).

Imagine if you will a “Legally Blonde Goes to Jail and Teaches the Ladies What’s Hot” scenario. A screenplay is probably already being written for her.

One thing about the Hiltons: They know how to make money out of adversity.

And one other thing is for certain: Paris is no powder puff. She’s tough and she’s smart. She’ll come out of jail with a dozen new friends!

What a Week! Rosie, McCartney, More

This week we were the first to review Paul McCartney’s new album, "Memory Almost Full," to be released by Starbucks.

We also told you that 89-year-old Mike Wallace is preparing a “60 Minutes” piece on Mitt Romney, who audiences said won last night’s Republican debate. …

Also, that George Stephanopoulos almost replaced Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation.” …

That Rosie O’Donnell is fielding offers from all the possible networks, and we were first to report that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is preggers. …

And we also reported how Tom Cruise’s mom, who abruptly left her home and husband in Florida to help raise baby Suri in California, is considered “dead” to her old friends. They haven’t heard from her in over a year. …