Hating America

It's clear to me we're in a lull before the storm that coming up will be some kind of horrific confrontation with forces that hate the USA and want to hurt us badly. I also believe we're not prepared to face that test.

In Washington, the political fighting is fierce. The Democrats are hell bent on destroying the Bush administration and making sure a Democrat sits in the White House the next time around.

And while the Dems are focused, the Republicans are confused. It's hard to defend the chaos in Iraq. And it's hard to counter daily charges of corruption. The GOP is on the defensive 24/7.

And the folks are caught in the middle. We are being lied to on a daily basis by the media as far left fanatics have assumed power in places like NBC News and The New Times.

Also, the far left is making great use of the Internet, libeling their opponents and spewing out anti-American propaganda all day long.

Here's how bad things are: There's a movie called "Loose Change" that asserts hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans colluded to kill their fellow citizens on 9/11. That Al Qaeda didn't attack us, we essentially attacked ourselves.

This fairy tale ranks up there with the Holocaust deniers on the vicious scale. Yet billionaire Mark Cuban is going to distribute the film so people all over the world can see it. And actor Charlie Sheen may actually marry the idiocy. We reported the situation last night and I talked with Mr. Cuban today on "The Radio Factor":


O'REILLY: The people in my town, Mr. Cuban, do now want "Loose Change" playing in the theater or Charlie Sheen narrating it. They believe that this is dishonest. They believe it diverts attention away from the real villains. And they believe it gives fodder to the anti-American kooks all over the world. You know this — Al Jazzera's going to take this, Mr. Cuban, and ram it down the throats of everybody in the world who hates America!

MARK CUBAN, OWNER OF THE DALLAS MAVERICKS: Well, let's qualify here. First of all, it's already been on the Internet. So it's not like they're not already doing that.

O'REILLY: Rationalization, sir.

CUBAN: It's not rationalization. This is just fact. What I'm telling you is by making this available to whoever wants it, that anybody, anybody can refute it. When you have things that are in the shadows that people can't find and take on mythic proportions, that's what they can take. And they can take innuendo. Once you can see something, you can refute it.


Now as I told Mr. Cuban, I'm not buying that. You don't refute garbage. You throw garbage away. This stupid thing will be used by America haters all over the world and will damage this country.

Also, any slick technician can make a propaganda film. Just ask the Nazis. America today is a confused society caught up in a terror war, a culture war, and a media war where honesty and professional standards have vanished. We're simply not prepared to face an enemy who wants to exterminate us. And that makes us have a huge weakness. And the enemy knows it.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

When we last left the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper, one of its reporters was trying to disrupt a charitable event I hosted in that city, which raised more than $200,000 to help the elderly. And these people are still at it.

Today the newspaper ran this item under the byline of Deb Peterson. Quote, "While at the FOX affiliate to tape ''The Factor”', we were told O'Reilly demanded the following: a chicken sandwich with the crusts cut off, a tuna sandwich on dry bread for his producer, total silence on the set, and that the camera operator look through the camera lens and not around the camera at O'Reilly directly." [Chuckles]

Interesting. Every single line of that is untrue. And Ms. Peterson never bothered to call us to respond. Excellent reporting, madam. And we challenge you to provide one shred of evidence to back up your ridiculous assertions.

Post-Dispatch publisher Kevin Mowbray is at fault here, of course. He has allowed that newspaper to degenerate into a disgracefully dishonest publication. — There he is.

The old adage "don't believe everything you read" certainly applies to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It is way beyond ridiculous. Hard to believe. Really is.

Finally tonight the mail, but before we get to it, an update on Knut, the baby polar bear. His life has been spared. And today Knut made his debut as an attraction at the Berlin Germany Zoo.

You may remember some animal activists wanted Knut executed, saying he was being artificially kept alive by human feeding. That, of course, was dopey. And most people knew it. So Knut lives. And we hope he has a nice life.

Now, how cute is that?

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