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Congress is putting the squeeze on big oil executives. But is it fair to penalize them for profits? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Capitalistpig Asset Management's Jonathan Hoenig and Craig Smith, CEO of Swiss America Trading Corp.

Democrats are riding high after Tuesday's election results. But what about Wall Street? Is the smart money worried that the Dems could sweep to power with policies that stop the economy in its tracks? We'll ask Scott Bleier, president and founder of Hybrid Investors, and Dr. Bob Froehlich of Deutsch Asset Management.

The Senate lined up five titans of corporate America, grilled them with simple questions of supply and demand and all but said they were crooks for making big profits. Were the oil and gas guys treated unfairly over what's going on with energy in this country? We'll get a read from U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton.

And, high fuel costs are to blame for the $87 million lost by US Airways in the latest quarter. But if fuel prices continue to drop, could the airline industry be primed for profits? We'll be joined by Doug Parker, chairman, president and CEO of US Airways.

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