Topics and Guests for October 7

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As New York City (search) copes with a new terror threat and police step up subway security amidst the latest terror plot, why are Homeland Security officials in Washington downplaying the scare? Who do you believe? We’ll ask former NYPD investigator and private detective Bo Dietl.

And, did New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg do the right thing by asking a news organization to withhold information about the threat from the public? Was it the right move for a broadcast network? We’ll debate it with the Tyndall Report's (search) Andrew Tyndall and Marvin Kalb of the Shorenstein Center (search).

Then, we’ll introduce you to the Donald Trump (search) of Florida. Jorge Perez makes his “Your World” debut today!

Plus, Iraqi prison conditions, the U.S. budget and the Harriet Miers (search) nomination: Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks out on these issues and more on tonight's "Your World."

Also, as mortgage rates continue to rise, should homeowners be gambling on interest only loans and option adjustable rate mortgages? We'll get a read from Scott Hanson, senior adviser and founding principal of Hanson McClain.

And we’ll take the markets temperature with Tobin Smith, president of Changewave Investing; Scott Bleier, president and founder of Hybrid Investors, and Jim Awad, chairman of Awad Asset Management.

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