Topics and Guests for August 4

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The newest threat to your money, your investments and your security: We'll expose how a financial feud with China (search) could put Americans at risk!

Was Congress being paranoid by opposing a Chinese bid for an U.S. oil company? Or was it part of a comprehensive strategy to protect our markets and national security? FOX News' Julie Banderas investigates.

Then, are we shooting ourselves in the foot by rejecting China's overtures? James Glassman, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and host of, weighs in.

In the face of sky-high oil prices are up, how long will retail sales stay strong? We'll take the market's temperature with Adam Lashinsky, senior writer at Fortune Magazine, and David Nelson, president of D.C. Nelson Asset Management.

There's a money scandal at radio network Air America and no one's covering it. But everyone is all over Rush Limbaugh's pill addiction. Is this a case of liberal bias in the media? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Jim Pinkerton, columnist for Newsday and a FOX News contributor, and Bill Press, radio talk show host and former chair of the California Democratic Party.

Plus, in his very first interview on his first day of work, we'll be joined by Christopher Cox (search), the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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