Mutual Hatred

Despite the earnest pleadings of French ambassadors and purveyors of Brie cheese and French wine, the French don't like us and we don't like them.

This has been common knowledge for sometime, but now it's fact because a research company did some polling and has new results on America vs. France.

The headline is: Less than a third of Frenchies have any sympathy for Americans and just barely over a third of Americans like the French.

The senior producer and the line producer of this very show both have very distinctly French names. My guess is that 35 percent of Americans who still like the French are people with distinctly French last names who are saying things like, "Wait a minute, my people aren't so bad."

OK, we'll cut our French ancestor brothers and sisters some slack. But as for the rest of us — the other 65 percent — we really don't like the French according to this poll.

In fact, the number of Americans who flipped over to the anti-French side was way bigger than the number of Frenchies who flipped into anti-American.

Thirty nine percent of the French liked us in 2002, and now it's only 31 percent. So that's an eight-point drop.

However, among Americans only 35 percent of us like the French and that's a drop from 50 percent. So the French took a 15-point hit among Americans.

That's big. The French are not so popular here in the biggest super power in North America, unless you count those two juggernauts Mexico and Canada.

But here's the gall: Seventy percent of Frenchies think the U.S. is not a loyal ally.


Isn't that our 10,000 dead buried on their beaches in Normandy (search)?

Didn't our guys come back with lungs burned by mustard gas in World War I?

What is our disloyalty to France? That we don't join in on the French anti-American Mardi Gras party they throw every time an American president tries to do something?

We are disloyal to France?

What about that fragging they gave us in the U.N. last year? It must have been our fault that France was forced to stab an ally in the back.

Maybe that "freedom fries" (search) nonsense wasn't such a bad idea.

That's My Word.

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