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A father and a son are among four men who have been detained in a terrorism investigation in Northern California. But are these four men part of a bigger terrorist problem we're unaware of? And how are we investigating these cases of suspected homegrown terror? Peter Brookes, former CIA operations officer and senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, weighs in.

Then, the Patriot Act (search) is supposed to help out investigators who are tracking possible terrorists — like the men arrested in California. So does this bust prove it's working or is it a case of being lucky? We'll ask Asa Hutchinson, former undersecretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

Gregory Despres (search) arrived at the Canadian-U.S. border carrying a homemade sword, a knife and a chainsaw stained with what appeared to be blood, but was still let into the U.S. The next day, the bodies of his neighbor and his neighbor's common law wife were discovered in a gruesome crime scene. So why was Despres let back into the U.S.? We'll ask Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

And, DNC Chair Howard Dean defends his remarks that the GOP is "pretty much a white, Christian party." But what do fellow Democrats think about Dean's comments and will his low blows backfire on the party? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Republican strategist, Terry Holt, and Democratic strategist, Donnie Fowler.

Plus, FOX News' Neil Cavuto had an exclusive interview with President Bush. Neil joins us with the lowdown on what the president had to say.

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