Topics and Guests for May 10

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Should we forget jail time for corporate crooks? We'll get a fair and balanced debate with Herb Hoelter, cofounder and CEO of the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives, and Jacob Zamansky, securities investment fraud attorney.

Oil rises — stocks fall. Are we doomed to continue this pattern? We'll take the market's temperature with Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, president and managing partner of Recognition Group; Josh Wolfe, managing partner at Lux Capital, and Patricia Powell, president of Powell Financial Group.

Plus, Reebok is more than just hip sportswear. We'll talk human rights awards with Paul Fireman, CEO of Reebok International.

We'll talk earnings and expectations with Scott Mcgregor, president and CEO of Broadcom Corporation.

Plus, is tech is dead? We'll ask Dennis Kneale, managing editor at Forbes.

And, is the Fed head a fraud? Ravi Batra, author of "Greenspan's Fraud," may hold the answers. Don't miss this!

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