Topics and Guests for May 10

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Operation Matador (search), one of the largest American military offenses in Iraq in six months, has killed at least 100 militants. So will the new offensive succeed in securing the Syrian border? We'll ask Ret. Col. Mike Pheneger, former director of Special Operations.

Then, President Bush makes it clear that all nations, including Russia, must respect Georgia's new sovereignty. So how will Bush's comments impact U.S./Russian relations? Former Ambassador to Russia, James Collins, weighs in.

And, a new Intel report says Islamic extremists are coming back to Canada in droves. So how are our northern neighbors dealing with border security? Frank McKenna, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., gives us the lowdown.

Plus, they risk it all to save our men and women serving on the front lines. Don't miss Part II of our in-depth look at Iraq's combat medics.

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