Iran: American Attack Would Be 'Nightmare'

Iran's (search) foreign minister has told a Bosnian newspaper that if Washington decides to attack Iran it will be a nightmare for the United States.

"If America decides to attack Iran, they will make a big mistake. It will be a nightmare for them," Kamal Kharizi was quoted as saying in an interview published Thursday in the Nezavisne Novine newspaper.

Kharizi is part of an Iranian delegation led by President Mohammad Khatami (search) which was to conclude a three-day visit to Bosnia (search) on Thursday.

U.S. officials have issued increasingly sharp warnings about what they say are Iran's efforts to build nuclear weapons. Tehran has said its nuclear program is intended purely for civilian purposes.

U.S. President George W. Bush has labeled Iran "the world's primary state sponsor of terror." Last month, he called suggestions that the United States is preparing to attack Iran "simply ridiculous," but quickly added that "all options are on the table."

Disputes between Iran and the U.S. "have a long history," Kharizi was quoted as telling the Banja Luka-based daily.

"During our conflict with Iraq, the U.S. took the side of our enemies. There are also many other problems," Kharizi was quoted as saying.

He said talk of American military intervention in Iran was "political pressure."

"The United States does not want to understand that Iran is an important player in global relations. Iran is democratic and has a positive role in promoting peace and security in the world," Kharizi was quoted as saying.

At the end of the interview Kharizi said that unlike Iraq, Iran is "a united nation and a strong government."

"If they (the United States) attack us, I think, it will above all be a nightmare for them," Kharizi was quoted as saying.