The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Man on Fire," "Jersey Girl," "Baadasssss!" and "THX 1138" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

Denzel is woozy and boozy and babysitting in the pretty terrific "Man on Fire," (searchnew on DVD this week. He's a bodyguard in Mexico City for rich kid Dakota Fanning. I know it sounds like it could be horrible, but director Tony Scott keeps the kidnapping caper cooking. And the usually sticky-sweet Fanning is also great.

The other little gal movie that's not so great is Ben Affleck's other Bennifer movie -- "Jersey Girl." (searchThis is the one where J-Lo dies in the first 10 minutes and Ben is stuck raising their unlucky offspring. I say unlucky because Ben looks like he'd rather do anything than raise a kid -- not in the script but in the subtext. Liv Tyler is new maybe mommy and George Carlin is completely wasted as Ben's crusty but lovable dad. He's a trash man that should take this film with him to the dump.

Speaking of father-son relationships, Mario Van Peebles gets to play his own dad in the recreation of his father's young filmmaking days called "Baadasssss!" (search. The '70s scenery that's not trying to be a parody is a lot of fun. But on the whole this is mostly a novelty for Melvin Van Peebles fans.

Finally, I've seen the future and Robert Duvall looks a lot younger. This is George Lucas' student film-turned-debut-effort called "THX 1138," (searchfrom 1971. Now we get a director's cut. He didn't have final cut on a low-budget film back then?