Topics and Guests for August 9

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Topics and Guests:

• Does Al Qaeda (search) have plans to use small vehicles as deadly weapons against the U.S.?

We’ll get a live report from homeland security correspondent Catherine Herridge in Washington, D.C.

And Tim Burger, Washington correspondent for Time magazine, has details on the alarming situation.

• Utah prosecutors have until later today to file charges against Mark Hacking (search), who is suspected of killing his wife and dumping her body in a garbage bin. We'll have the latest.

• Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols (search) receives life without the possibility of parole on 161 state charges. What did Nichols have to say when he addressed the court for the first time?

For answers we turn to FNC’s Carol McKinley in McAlester, Oklahoma.

• Why did a popular video game system spark the vicious beating and stabbing murders of six people in a Florida home? We’ll have the story.

• Will Amber Frey (search) take the stand in the Peterson double murder trial as early as tomorrow? Will her testimony warrant the hype that has preceded it?

We’ll get the latest from FNC correspondent Claudia Cowan live in Redwood City, California.

All of this... and more on Studio B With Shepard Smith at 3 p.m. ET.

Note: Topics subject to change