Topics and Guests for April 12

It may be good for business and good for humanity, but is rebuilding Iraq worth the risk for private contractors? We’ll ask Anand Rangarajan, vice president of Worldwater, who has delayed his trip to Iraq due to security concerns.

Will earnings season open the floodgates on Wall Street? We’ll get a read from Tony Dwyer, chief equity strategist at FTN Midwest Research; Barry Hyman, equity market strategist at Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum, and David Hinson with the Wealth Management Network.

Are the fortunes of one of the best investments you could make – the housing market – about to change? Diane Swonk, chief economist with Bank One, and Anirvan Banerji, with the Economic Cycle Research Institute, join the debate.

Once a big business bully, is Micorosoft (search) going soft? Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley bureau chief, weighs in,

Commercial hunting of seals in Canada is back. The Canadian government says its vital for the local economy. But Aj Cady of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, doesn’t buy it.

Plus, did the FCC force Victoria’s Secret to cancel its famed runway show? Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, and Alan Colmes, co-host of “Hannity & Colmes,” face off.

And, it could mean more profits, more jobs and more problems for the Kerry campaign: Will strong corporate earnings weaken John Kerry’s claim about a shaky economy? We'll investigate on tonight’s edition of “Your World with Cavuto.”

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