'The View,' 'GMA,' Now Five Seconds Short of Live

ABC (search) has slapped a five-second delay on its two live shows, "Good Morning America" (search) and "The View," (search) as the FCC continues its crackdown on indecency.

"We're in the process of taking the steps necessary to ensure that what we air best serves our stations and our audience," said ABC Daytime exec Felicia Minei Behr.

The delay began Wednesday on "GMA," when Janet Jackson performed. Jackson, of course, kicked off the indecency push with her controversial Super Bowl appearance.

It began on yesterday's "The View." "We have other ways, without using a five-second delay, of protecting our shows if we were concerned," Minei Behr said.

"In the past, we've asked for pretaped segments if we felt we were skating on thin ice."

Minei Behr said the delay would have been instituted eventually -- even without Jackson's Super Bowl stunt.

"It's been in discussion for months -- but what the Super Bowl did was give everyone something to point to."