Topics and Guests for June 9

Bernie Ebbers (search), former chairman of WorldCom, goes under the microscope as independent reports examine just how involved was he in Worldcom's record of deception and cheating.

Will the reports lead to indictments? We’ll ask FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl.

Plus, how do former WorldCom employees feel about their old boss? We be joined by Osman Guven and Mitch Marcus, founder of

Does Wall Street care if coalition forces uncover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Jeff Birnbaum, FOX News contributor and Washington bureau chief of Fortune magazine, and Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes magazine, join the debate.

Are tech stocks off to the races, or another bubble ready to burst? We’ll get a read from Frank LaSalla, president and COO of Bank of New York's BNY Clearing Services Unit, and Kari Bayer Pinkernell, senior U.S. investment strategist at Merrill Lynch.

Has your utility bill doubled this year? If you are using natural gas, you are probably feeling the pinch. What’s causing the price jump? We’ll get the lowdown from Boone Pickens, CEO of BP Capital.

And, we’ll breakdown the hype surrounding former first lady Hillary Clinton's Living History with Eleanor Clift, contributing editor at Newsweek and FOX News political analyst.

Plus, talk about your super-sized lawsuit! Did McDonald’s deny a man a job because he weighs in excess of 400 pounds? We’ll be joined by Joe Connor and his attorney Greg Phelan.

Tune in tonight to Your World with Cavuto.

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